Junior Physical Education


Physical Education is compulsory in Year 9 and 10.  All students will have two hours a week of Physical Education.

We have three gymnasiums at the Senior Campus and a hall/gym complex at the Junior Campus.

All students are required to wear the school Physical Education uniform (details in the prospectus).

Course Content:

Physical Education at James Hargest College will focus on six key themes:

  1. Movement
  2. Risk & Challenge
  3. Striking
  4. Theory
  5. Invasion
  6. Social Responsibility

Teachers will select units of work from within these six core themes.

In Year 9, topics can include: gymnastics, dance, orienteering, advanture based learning, theory and practice of fitness, tennis, hockey, football, table-tennis, hockey, softball, cricket, touch rugby and frisbee sport.

In Year 10, topics can include: athletics, gymnastics, adventure based learning, minor games and teaching, exercise science theory, volleyball, badminton, golf, European games (korfball, handball, tchoukball etc.).

In Year 10, students are offered the opportunity to earn five credits at NCEA Level 1 as part of the programme.

In all cases our aim is develop a broad movement vocabulary by exposing students to a wide range of physical activity experiences.