Welcome to James Hargest Mathematics

Everyone needs to learn Mathematics. It is essential in most areas of employment. It is also a basic necessity in many other aspects of everyday life. An understanding of Mathematics helps people to develop logical approaches to procedures and arguments. A feel for Mathematics helps people to appreciate symmetry and patterns and to make sensible design decisions.


Students excel in Mathematics at James Hargest College. The Mathematics department fosters, encourages and supports students to strive for excellence through tutorials, differentiated learning and classroom programmes.



Many of our students achieved very well in the end of year NCEA examinations. It is particularly exciting that the department gained four Scholarships. The following were rewarded for their time and hard work with the following scholarships

Calculus – Rees Guise

Statistics  - Shaun Kerr, Thomas Rae and Mike Robbie


University of Otago Junior Mathematics Competition

This is a challenging problem solving competition and our results last year were very pleasing.


Year 9

Andrew Fleming         Top 200

Devin Boutcher          Merit

Damian Mitchell        Merit

Year 10

Cameron Hartley        Top 200

Morgan Finlay                        Merit

Matthew Fraser          Merit

Year 11

Emma Henderson       Top 100

Brendan Tancredi       Merit

Timothy Tuckey         Merit



New Zealand Senior Mathematics Competition

This is a very prestigious and challenging national competition. Last year James Hargest College had some outstanding results with Michael Zhang one of the top 15 national finalists to go forward from the first round to compete in the final round in Wellington.



International Competitions and Assessments for Schools  (ICAS)

Last year saw almost twice as many students gaining Distinction as in the past. Well done to all students who took part in this assessment.

Distinction places them in the top 5 - 10%.

Year 7

Distinction: Benjamin Branaman, Madeline Doherty, Jake Meikle

Year 8

Distiction: James Billows, Kate Loan, Stephen Potter, Conor Shearing, Alex Stephens, Tian Zhang



Year 9

Distinction: Jaimes Brown, Andrew Fleming, Jin Kim, Flynn Macnamara, Hamish Muhl, Andrew Popham, Nicholas Tuckey, Turk Turnbull, Charles Turner

Year 10

Distinction: Craig Dawson, Matthew Fraser, Cameron Hartley, Samuel Loan, Emily Morris, Thien Tran, Timothy Tuckey, Andre Vergeer, Laura Wallace

Year 11

Distinction: Horace Zhang

Year 12

Distinction: Anna Redmond

Year 13

Distinction: Mike Robbie




James Hargest again had a very good night at the annual SMAC Maths Competition held in the Senior Campus gym on Wednesday 24th September. All the school teams enjoyed the spirit of the competition and performed particularly well

 Year 7

1st : Benjamin Branaman, Katie Heads, Jake Meikle, Anna O’Connor

3rd: Sam Cole, Thomas Fleming, Michael Moynihan, Lachlan Muhl

Year 8

2nd:  James Billows, Taine Conner, Stephen Potter, Agustin Varayod

3rd: Jenni Kerr, Jaewon Lee, Kate Loan, Tian Zhang

Year 9

1st  : Caleb Duffy, Andrew Fleming, Ethan Hellyer, Hamish Muhl

3rd : Harriet Barber-Barnes, Jaimes Brown, Georgia Cleaver, Tom Cowie


1st  : Matthew Fraser, Cameron Hartley, Sam Loan, Timothy Tuckey

2nd: Craig Dawson,  Amy Loan, Jessica Quinn, Cody Pham

3rd:Brendan Tancredi, Andre Vergeer, Laura Wallace, Samantha Wilcox