Paddles Up

2018 Paddles Up

Paddles Up 2018_744

Congratulations to James Hargest College for winning the Overall School Trophy at this year's Paddles Up competition!

Down River Race:

Senior Boys’:  1st Jack McKenzie

Senior Girls’:  1st Libby Flett

Junior Boys’:  2nd Caleb Reid

Junior Girls’:  1st Florence McKenzie

2nd Emily Hay

3rd Megan Donlevy

Team Slalom:

Senior Boys’: 1st Jack McKenzie, Florence McKenzie, Caleb Reid

Senior Girls’: 1st Libby Flett, Clara Voogt, Rachel Checketts

Junior Boys’: 1st Jack Deans, Sam Richardson, Jesse Gough

Junior Girls’: 2nd Emily Hay, Emily Donlevy, Megan Donlevy

Invididual Slalom:

Senior Boys’: 1st Jack McKenzie

Junior Boys’: 2nd Jack Deans

Junior Girls’: 1st Florence McKenzie

Paddles Up 2017

Paddles up took place in Mavora the weekend of 11-12th March 2017. We kayaked the stretch of river between the two lakes. Paddles up is a school kayaking competition which allows beginner kayakers to take part in a basic team and individual slalom course and downriver race. James Hargest had a good number of students competing again this year. James Hargest has a range of skilled competitors ranging from beginners to experienced kayakers. As a school we did quite well in the individual events such as the downriver races and slalom races which counted towards our overall placing. This led us to win the overall school competition and win the trophy for another year.

Jordan Reid