James Hargest College is a student-focused school. The staff are enthusiastic and positive and work hard to develop strategies which will provide students with a safe physical and emotional environment.

Our goal is zero tolerance for any behaviour which makes students feel uncomfortable.

Form Teachers

Form Teachers and Home Room Teachers take a professional interest in the progress and achievement of their students.They are the first point of contact for parents.


There is a Head of House, a Senior Dean (Years 11 - 13) and a Junior Dean (Years 9-10) for each ouf our four Houses; Hamilton, Menzies, Thomson and Watson. They oversee the welfare and progress of their students and provide academic and pastoral support for students in their care.

Guidance Team The guidance team at James Hargest works with students and their families to provide a sound support base so that any problems can be identified and addressed.
Peer Support

Peer Support is designed to make the transition to high school easier by giving small groups of Year 9 students a Year 13 "buddy". Students follow a programme of orientation and initiative activities. They are able to discuss school-related issues and build a relationship with their "buddy". This contact continues throughout the year and offers on-going support and guidance.

 Mentoring Some year 9 students are given additional support with year 13 student mentors. They give motivational and goal setting advice.