Physical Education

 Junior PE III (JPG - 67kb)

Mahia nga mahi kei tamariki ana

Make the most of your time while you are young.


Our Vision:

The goal of the James Hargest College Health and Physical Education Department is to provide our students with:

  • the skills, knowledge and opportunities that will enable them to develop and maintain a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.
  • the skills, knowledge and opportunities that will prepare them to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

Why Physical Education?

Physical activity has particular importance for all students in their overall development during the years of growth.  As an integral part of the total educational programme, Physical Education contributes to the physical, mental, social and emotional development of the child.  This is achieved through the medium of selected activities, carried out under skilled leadership, by the staff at James Hargest College.

Physical Education is the part of education that promotes learning through movement.  It is most important for physical growth and the improvement of fitness and health. 

Physical activity contributes to and promotes learning:

  • in movement, by developing physical skills in a range of physical activity contexts;
  • through movement, using the medium of physical activity to develop knowledge of themselves and other people, social skills, and positive attitudes and values;
  • about movement, by examining scientific aspects of it and by learning about the social and cultural significance of physical activity for individuals, groups, and communities.