Senior Physical Education

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James Hargest College offers a comprehensive and challenging course of study in Physical Education from Years 9-13 which contribute towards NCEA Levels 1-3 and Scholarship.

NCEA Level 1-3 Physical Education is an optional course of study.


NCEA Level 1 Health & Physical Education:

This is a full 24 credit course which integrates selected achievement standards from both Health and Physical Education.

Students receive two hours a week of Physical Education and two hours a week of Health Education. 

The NCEA Level 1 course covers: hauora and goal setting, athletics, volleyball, sexuality, drug education, CPR, sports science, and the role of the media in sport.

NCEA Level 2 Physical Education:

In Year 12, Health Education and Physical Education split into two distinct courses.

Students in Physical Education receive fours hours a week towards NCEA Level 2.

The NCEA Level 2 course covers: anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, political history of the modern olympics, training & fitness, motor skill learning, badminton, juggling, Kiwisport (involves teaching at a local Primary school), and safety & risk management.

NCEA Level 3 Physical Education:

Students in Year 13 Physical Education receive fours hours a week towards NCEA Level 3.

The NCEA Level 3 course covers: goal planning, setting and evaluation, programme design & implementation, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor skill learning, issues in New Zealand society, leisure time in New Zealand, and gymnastics.

Students may also be offered a Unit Standard at Level 4 as extension (recommended for Scholarship candidates).

Scholarship Physical Education:

In Year 13 Physical Education, all students are offered the opportunity to sit the Scholarship examination at the end of the year.

The content covered in the course addresses the Scholarship specifications.  Tutorials at the end of the year review course content and prepare students for the exam. 

James Hargest College has had a great deal of success in Scholarship Physical Education.

From 2006 to 2008 students earned 15 Scholarships with one Outstanding Scholarship.