Student Information

Student Information

Bell Times 


            Monday Tuesday & Thursday

                        Period 1                       8.55 – 9.50                     

                        Form Time                  9.50 – 10.00     

                        Period 2                       10.00 – 11.00   

                        Interval                        11.00 – 11.30   

                        Period 3                       11.30 – 12.30   

                        Period 4                       12.30 – 1.30     

                        Lunch                           1.30 – 2.10        

                        Period 5                       2.10 – 3.20       



                        Period 1                       8.55 – 9.50     

                        Period 2                       9.50 – 11.05               

                        Interval                        11.05 – 11.35  

                        Period 3                       11.35 – 12.30             

                        Period 4                       12.30 – 1.30    

                        Lunch                           1.30 – 2.10      

                        Period 5                       2.10 – 3.20



                        Period 1                       8.55 – 9.50      

                        Form Time                  9.50 – 10.00    

                        Period 2                       10.00 – 10.55  

                        Interval                        10.55 – 11.25  

                        Period 3                       11.25 – 12.20  

                        Period 4                       12.20 – 1.15    

                        Lunch                           1.15 – 1.50      

                        Period 5                       1.50 – 3.00      


            Sport & Rec

                        Period 1                       8.55 – 9.45      

                        Form Time                  9.45 – 9.55      

                        Period 2                       9.55 – 10.45    

                        Interval                        10.45 – 11.05  

                        Period 3                       11.05 – 11.55  

                        Period 4                       11.55 – 12.45  

                        Lunch                           12.45 – 1.20    

                        Period 5                       1.20 – 2.10      

                        Sport & Rec                 2.10 – 3.20      



Office hours are from 8.00am - 5.00pm daily

Telephone: 2176129, Fax: 2170351



Students should ensure they are at school by 8.45am and leave by 3.45pm. Outside these times students should be under direct supervision of a teacher eg working in the Library, sports practice, etc.


Parents should phone or email ( the Attendance Officer (ext 205) before 9.30am to explain an absence. If this is not possible, students should bring a note to explain their absence to their Form Teacher. Computer generated absence messages will be sent to parents for unexplained absences by 10.15am, if a student is not present at Period 1. Students arriving late must sign in at Student Administration when they arrive. It is important to state the reason for an absence.


If these occur in school time, you must fill in the exeat book at Student Administration when you leave or arrive back from an appointment. Named appointment cards and notes should be put on the spike provided next to the exeat book.


Permission to be absent from school must be sought in writing from one of the Deputy Principals in advance (at least 2-3 days beforehand) if absences of a whole day or more are requested.


Full attendance (for other than unavoidable absence) is a requirement for all courses of study and award eligibility.


If you are hurt or unwell with any medical problem, you must report to staff in the Photocopying Room. If you recover and wish to return to class, notify the Reprographic Room staff, otherwise arrangements will be made for you to go home. You must sign the exeat book at Student Administration before leaving. You must not go home without going through sick bay first. If further medical attention is required, parents/caregivers will be notified where possible.


The Health Nurse comes once a week (usually Wednesdays). Clinic is held in the Guidance Area on Wednesdays from 1.35-2.10pm. All aspects of health will be dealt with by professional staff.


Year 11 and 12 students may lunch in the Cafeteria. Year 9 and 10 students may, on cold or wet days, lunch in the Hall. When the Hall is unavailable the gallery in the Hargest Centre may be used instead. Listen to Roll Call notices for other lunchtime activities. Students may not lunch in classrooms/corridors.



Students are not to leave the school grounds at lunchtime except to lunch at their own homes. They are not to take other students with them.


  • The west boundary tree line
  • All fence lines
  • Street frontages
  • Garden areas


Stands are provided on the East side of the School. Access is via the Racecourse Road entrance and the M Block Layard Street entrance. Students may not wheel bicycles in any other areas of the School. Riding on school grounds is prohibited. Bicycle helmets are, of course, compulsory.


            Students are not to park on the school grounds.

The School reserves the right to restrict the use of student motor vehicles if students use vehicles inappropriately.



Student’s Cell Phones are off and in bags or pockets unless specifically instructed by teachers “it is ok to have them out” and only then if they are used for educational purposes.

Students cannot use any electronic device to take images of staff or students at school, in or out of class without their knowledge/permission to do so.



Students are not permitted to have earphones/plugs in unless they are in music or language under teacher direction to do so and for educational purposes. If teachers wish students to have music in their classrooms then it is supplied/vetted by teachers and played so all can hear.



A lost property depot is located outside the Staff Room. Students who either lose or find items should report to Student Administration.


            Damage to school property must be reported immediately to the Deputy Principals.
            Students who damage, deface or lose school property are liable for the cost of replacement/repair.


Wouldn't it be great if rules weren't needed! The Core Values reflect the positive ideals that we expect your behaviour to be based on.

Clearly, not every situation fits neatly into the Values. There are grey areas about whether certain behaviours are acceptable or not. Of the following, some are very serious, while others help maintain the order of the school. Not every situation is mentioned, otherwise the list might be endless! You could always ask your Form Teacher if you're unsure.


  • Hurting other people physically or verbally
  • Offensive language
  • Possessing or using tobacco, alcohol or harmful drugs
  • Theft
  • Disobeying teachers’ instructions
  • Interfering with the rights of others to learn
  • Chewing, eating or drinking in class
  • Endangering the safety of others
  • Arriving late and being ill prepared for your class
  • Wearing your uniform in a sloppy way
  • Interfering with other people’s property

If these behaviours are noted by staff and cause concern, students will be dealt with depending on the nature of the behaviour. Very serious behaviours may result in students being referred to senior staff and possibly subject to a Board of Trustees’ meeting. Sometimes this results in being stood down from school. Examples might be, violence towards others, drugs and alcohol.


          After School Detentions: Students will be advised by Deans, Deputy Principals, Associate Principal or a letter home. These are not              the only detentions or consequences you may experience! Remember, think before you act. If in doubt, ask!


          The Deans have a role in dealing with the behaviour of students and they are also concerned about student progress.

  • If you have problems with classwork
  • If you are concerned about courses or options
  • If you are bothered by behaviour of others


The Guidance Counsellors are available to help you with any problems you may have. It may be

  • something at school
  • something at home or out of school

Anything mentioned is confidential - no-one else finds out unless you want them to.

The Counsellors can put you in touch with organisations in the community if you wish. To see the Guidance Counsellors, fill in a yellow slip in the Guidance waiting room.


The Careers Advisors will help you find out about jobs you might be interested in once you leave school. They will help you choose your options and subjects to be best able to meet the needs of your career interests.

            Use their computer system to help you.

            To see them fill in a yellow slip in the Guidance waiting area.


All school stationery requirements are available from Student Administration at intervals and lunchtimes only. These are very competitively priced. Stationery lists are on the Hargest web site. Terms are strictly cash unless otherwise arranged.


The cafeteria is open before school, at intervals and lunchtimes in the cafe-gym complex. A full list of food is available and prices are advertised and updated in Form Time Notices. EFTPOS facilities are available.



It is expected that:

1. By showing respect, I will accept people for who they are and treat all people equally. I will consider the feelings and thoughts of others and I will treat others with courtesy. I will look after other people’s property.

2.  By treating people fairly, I will accept that people have different interests, beliefs and abilities from me. I will try not to make judgments because of what people look like or where they come from. I will try to be polite to those I do not get along with.

3.  By being honest, I will tell the truth. I will keep my word. I will own up when I am responsible for things that go wrong.

4. By working hard, I will do my best to achieve all of which I am capable.

5.  As a responsible person, I will be reliable and trustworthy. I will think before I act. I will follow teachers’ instructions and allow others to learn. I will obey the school rules. I will accept consequences.

6. Taking care of our environment means I will do what I can to ensure the physical environment is left clean and tidy. I will not deface or damage school property.



Girls’ Uniform:      

Skirt: Hargest green A-line skirt .

Kilt: Hargest kilt to be worn with mid brown tights or above the knee beaver brown socks and the long sleeved white shirt (skirt or kilt may be worn throughout the year).

Shirt: White blouse with long sleeves, pointed collar and straight hem or white short sleeved polo shirt with Hargest collar stripes and pocket monogram.

Socks: ¾ white below the knee socks or white sockettes. 

Shoes: Plain black leather, laced, flat, dress (NOT t-bar).

Jersey: Cardinal red V necked jersey with school monogram.

Vest: Cardinal red V necked vest with school monogram.

Blazer: School regulation blazer may be worn.

Tie: Red, gold, grey; must be worn with long-sleeved blouse with summer and winter uniform (senior campus only).


Boys’ Uniform:

Shorts: Grey serge.

Shirt: Long sleeved, straight hem grey flannel or white short sleeved polo shirt with Hargest collar stripes and pocket monogram.

Socks: Grey with regulation red and gold top.

Shoes: Plain black leather, laced, dress.

Jersey: Cardinal red V necked jersey with school monogram.

Vest: Cardinal red V necked vest with school monogram.

Blazer: School regulation blazer may be worn

Tie: Red, gold, grey; must be worn with long-sleeved white shirt (senior campus only).

Belts: Black or dark grey with standard buckle (senior campus only).


Boys’ Dress Uniform:

Long grey trousers, a white shirt and plain grey or black socks. School tie must be worn.

Plain black leather, flat, dress shoes.


Uniform for Travelling Teams:

Dress uniform with blazer.                     


PE Uniform – Girls’ and Boys’:

Plain black shorts or black track pants.

Sports top T–shirt, red and gold. White polyprop may be worn underneath in winter.

Gym shoes with white soles (not to be skate shoes, soft soles without laces or soft sandshoes).

White or black short socks.

Optional: Black warm-up hoodie with school logo on front and surname on back, worn with pe uniform only.



Sandals: Optional in terms 1 and 4. Flat black, plain, with a heel strap and one ankle strap. Thong styles are not permitted. Socks are not to be worn with sandals. Sandals are not to be worn in laboratories and technology rooms. Sandals are not to be worn in Terms 2 and 3.

Jacket: Any plain black weatherproof jacket (not cotton).

Undergarment: A plain white t-shirt or polyprop may be worn under the uniform tops for extra warmth.

Hat: Plain white hat or cap for sun protection.

Beanie: Optional.  Cardinal red with gold stripe.

Scarf: Optional.  Cardinal red with gold stripe.

Gloves: Optional.  Black.

Blazer: Regulation red with monogrammed pocket.


Personal Grooming:

Hair colour must be natural in appearance. Unnatural and/or multi-coloured hair is unacceptable.

Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable (including shaved head, mohawks and tails).

Hair must be tidy, off the face and collar.

Students with longer hair must have it all tied back with plain hair bands (only colours of the school uniform may be used).

Boys’ faces must be clean shaven.

No jewellery is to be worn. The exception is one plain gold or silver stud (not ear-rings) in each earlobe.

No make-up or nail varnish may be worn.


General Points:

All uniform items are to be worn correctly.

All students using the workshops must wear protective clothing.

Skirts must be of a reasonable length, neither very short nor very long.

Parents are asked to be sure that uniform and footwear are in good order at the start of each term. All garments should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

If in doubt regarding items of uniform, please check by ringing the school office before a purchase is made.


The PTA operates a scheme for the sale of second-hand uniforms. Sales are held at the end of the school year and towards the end of January. The sales will be advertised in The Southland Times and in the school newsletter. At other times, items can be bought or sold by arrangement with Lisa in Student Administration. If, for any reason, a student has to wear an item of non-regulation clothing to school, they must bring a note from parent/caregiver explaining the reason and bring this to the Associate Principal or Deputy Principals. Uniform items may be loaned in the short term.


School Haka

‘He Toa’ – Na Riki Cherrington i tito


He toa, he toa – (Kaea)                                                           A warrior

He toa, he toa                                                                         A warrior

He toa, he toa                                                                         A warrior


Ko Hākena e                                                                            It is Hargest

Ara - hii…aue…hii!!                                                                 ‘Tis frightening to the foe


Whatitiri (Kaea) te rangi                                                        Heavens are in thunder    

Hāruru te whenua e                                                                The earth trembles


I aa…haha…                                                                            

Tū ake i runga                                                                         Who stands on

Te taumata                                                                             the pedestal

O te riri e                                                                                of wartime greatness?

I aaaaa…haha                                                            

Aue – he taniwha – Ko Hākena e                                            Warlord Hargest

Aue – he taniwha – Ko Hākena e                                           

Hi aue hii!                                                                               Tis frightening to the foe


Tū ake ngā uri whakatupu e (Kaea)                                        We the descendants stand


Tū pakari, tū toa                                                                     With strength, with bravery

Tū rangatira                                                                            With chieftanship

Mō ake ake tonu atu e ….                                                       Unrelenting ….


Kia tina te more…aue                                                             Our resolve is steadfast!

Hii aue haa

Kia tina te more…aue                                    

Hii aue haa


He toa, he toa                                                                         A warrior

He toa, he toa                                                                         A warrior

He toa, he toa                                                                         A warrior


Kua hinga he tētē kura                                                           a great tree has fallen

Kua tu mai he tētē kura                                                          a great tree is replaced





We have everything you need from research resources to a great read.


Hours of opening:        8.30am-5.00pm Monday to Friday


Library Staff:                   Library Manager:  Miss Adam

Librarian:  Mrs Burgess


Library Website

Even if you are not in the library, you can still have a look at our new books, see what other Hargest students have been reading, link to our online research resources and much more. Use the QR code or visit and for ebooks.


Book Club:

We share good books to read, help select new books for the library and get the opportunity to issue the new books out before they go on the shelves.  If you are interested in finding out more, come and see us in the library or watch the notices.


Borrowing Resources:

  • You will need either your student ID card or a library barcode. 
  • You may borrow up to 4 books and 1 DVD.
  • Books are issued for 2 weeks and can be renewed.
  • DVD’s and magazines are issued on an overnight loan.


YOU are responsible for resources taken out in your name! So please don’t take books out for other students.


Overdue Resources:

  • Overdue notices are sent out regularly, but the books are date-stamped - it is your responsibility to return them by the due date.
  • Seriously overdue books will be considered lost and a replacement cost charged on your school account.
  • A replacement cost will also apply to damaged books. If you have a problem with a book, come and see us as soon as possible. We suggest that you keep your library books in a plastic bag inside your school bag to avoid water or food damage.


Library Code of Conduct:

  • Before you enter the library, all bags must be placed on the bag racks.
  • Please do not bring food or drink into the library (this includes your water bottles).
  • Please respect the other users of the library. Keep noise at a working level.
  • Before you leave the library make sure that all the books and chairs you have been using are returned to their correct place.


Study Centre

We run a study centre every Tuesday from 3.30 – 5pm. Teachers from the Maths, English and Science departments will be in the library to answer your questions. Afternoon tea is kindly supplied by the PTA. All James Hargest students are welcome.

Remember – if you need help come and talk to one of the library staff





ICTAUP (information and communication technology, acceptable use policy)



We must be considerate of other people when using all electronic media.

For example, we will always talk politely and with respect to people online. We must not post images of other people on social media sites or any website without their permission to do so.



We all represent the school while on the network and internet just as we do when wearing our uniform on the street.

For example, we will never do anything online that we know will hurt anyone. We always acknowledge references of material in our assignment work.



We must use our computers with integrity.

For example:   1.We must not try to be someone else on the network.

2. We must keep our passwords secure.



We will remain focused on the learning task when using our devices. We will only access sites that are relevant to our learning.



We must take responsibility for what we access and we may be held accountable for any aspect of our use. We understand that material we share or access on the internet or by phone could be distributed by others or seen by a wider audience.

For example, we will not download any objectionable material.



We must endeavor not to cause any damage to the network through our actions.

For example, we must not create any security risks by trying to upload programmes or scripts to the school network.


These are guidelines and examples only. Network access is a privilege and it may be revoked where the spirit of these guidelines is not adhered to.