BYOD Specs


We strongly recommend that all students from year 7 - 13 are equipped with a personal device for 2022.

Since introducing 1:1 device use with a pilot class 6 years ago, we have been ‘rolling up’ a 1:1 device learning environment year by year. During this time the school has transformed many of its other systems to digital platforms. Students in all year 7-12 classes now routinely use access to their school digital platform (Google for Education) for their normal work. Device use is about ‘which technology is best’ - device or paper and pen, and often this means using both at once.

In 2022 we continue rolling up this process. It is important that we prepare students for their future, not our past!

Which Device?

As a school we have found chromebooks to be robust and cost effective. These are recommended for year 7 to 13, remembering that Senior subjects may require a device with higher specifications. iPads are not recommended as they have less functionality when using the Google platform.

As a primary device we recommend the following minimum specifications:


  • Minimum screen size of 9 inches  (minimum usable resolution of 1366 x 768)
  • Running iOS 14+, or Android 11+, or MacOS 11+ (Big Sur) or Windows 10 21H2+ or Chrome OS 100.0+
  • Battery life of 5-6 hours • Wireless Capability
  • Minimum storage for tablets of 32GB (due to the increasing size of apps)
  • Google Chrome installed 
  • Protective case strongly recommended
  • Bluetooth keyboard or keyboard/tablet case combination is recommended, particularly for tablet

Senior Subjects

If you are wanting to use your device for senior subjects such as Art, DVC, DT, Media Studies and Music; a device with higher specifications may be required. Please see the software websites for more details

We recommend buying a device that is or can be updated to the latest operating system as this will give the device a longer life and allow newly introduced apps to be used.

Please be aware that these minimum specs could change during the year as the apps we use are updated. 

There is no need to buy Office software e.g Word as this can be downloaded for free using your student email and password. Office 365 download here.

We recommend installing antivirus software. Here is one option that can be bought using your student email and password.

Students need rights to be able to ‘add an account’ on their device so they can set up their school account, use the apps below, print and use the internet.

We recommend buying insurance for the device that covers accidental damage for 3 years. Most repairs are over $100 and insurance is available for less than this. 

Updated June 2022