Welcome to James Hargest Chemistry

The study of chemistry has led to exciting discoveries such as the structure of DNA and the use of semiconductors in electronics. Chemistry is the study of the substances that make up the universe and the changes that these substances can undergo.


Year 12 Chemistry

Students enjoy a hands on approach in Year 12.  From electroplating to the chemical analysis many practical’s are carried out during the year.


One purpose of the Y12 Chemistry course is to get students to recognise the Chemistry that is taking place in the real world around them every day.  Whether it is the more familiar processes of baking a cake; talking about the chemistry involved in the workings of an internal combustion and its impact on the environment; the chemical processes involved at the local Aluminium smelter or the process of designing and making dyes for colouring a particular material for use in manufacturing.

Year 13 Chemistry

Students enjoy undertaking an independent investigation during the year.  There are some very interesting projects that are selected, it is always exciting to see what new ideas come up.  

Some experiments and demonstrations are videoed and this is an example of one such practical called “Hot Ice Sculptures”. 



Another activity is the annual Y13 wine-making venture.  Always enjoyable, there are often budding vintners and brewers to be found in the classes.


Tutorials for Scholarship in Chemistry are run from the start of term 2.  Students self-select themselves into the Chemistry Scholarship group and tutorials are run on Thursday mornings at 8am each week from the start of term 2.

Each year the scholarship students go to Otago University for a day with Chemistry Department working on different practicals, in the recent past that has included trialling organic chemical analyses for the Chemistry department.  The students always amaze me at how well they do on these Scholarship days.  They finish the day at the Otago Museum for the Otago University Chemistry Quiz Evening.  It is a great day for combining learning and fun for the students involved. 

Australian Chemistry Competition

This quiz is offered every year to interested students.  It is not limited to seniors, juniors can enter too.  It is a good way for students to set themselves a challenge and frequently the results are very pleasing.