Information for Parents

Information for parents

Technology is advancing very quickly in this digital rich world. It can be difficult to know what we should be teaching our children to keep them safe in online environments.

The following links are from a website provided by the NSW Department of Education. 

Ten cybersafety tips every parent should know

Keeping kids safe online

Raising good digital citizens

Sexting - what parents need to know

Cyberbullying prevention – tips for parents

Should kids have computers in their bedrooms?

Choosing a mobile phone

Keeping kids' phone and data bills under control


Vodafone New Zealand have created this site for parents to get advice on how to help their child manage in a digital world.


Media Smarts - Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy have created excellent tip sheets for 11-13 year olds and 14-17 year olds


If you have any concerns about the cybersafety of your child at James Hargest College, please contact the school.

Suggestions from Parents

Now that Year 7 and 8 students have devices at school, we thought it would be a good idea to share some parent feedback on how they have managed devices in the home.


"We have a device garage in the lounge where our daughters keep their phones overnight"

We do this to make sure they are not distracted by their devices and get a good night sleep


"Our children text us their new passcodes when they change them"

This way we know the password in case they forget it and we can also access the information on their device if we need to. We have let our children know that we will only look in their phone if we have serious concerns about their own - or someone elses- safety.


"I have learnt to play Minecraft so that I can understand and be aware of what the game offers"

This way I will be involved in the YouTube vlogs and chats that are part of the game.


"Our children are only allowed to use their devices in a public place at home"

This gives us an awareness of what they are using their devices for.


"Every week I make a point of sitting down and asking my child to show me what they have been learning about at school. I love being able to look at the photos and feedback on Google Classroom"


"One of the expectations before my daughter signed up for Facebook was that she friended me so I could see what she was posting. It does mean that I have to ensure my posts are appropriate so I am modelling good social media behaviour!"


Apps required at the Junior Campus

All the teachers at the Junior Campus will be using Google apps. The school has also bought a subscription to Sunshine Online (reading) and Mathletics. These are the apps that your child will need to download on their tablet. Students with laptops access these through their browser e.g Chrome or Firefox.


Google Drive


Google Mail


Google Classroom


Google Sheets


Google Docs


Google Slides


Sunshine Online


Mathletics student


12 August 2016

Please note Mathletics have updated their apps for tablets. Please delete the app you are using now and install the new one from the App store or Google Play store.



Which Device?

As a school, we are comfortable for students to bring their preferred device to school. We will not be advocating one device over the other. This year students have used a range of devices including iPads, Laptops, chrome books and tablets. As a primary device we recommend the following minimum specifications:

  • Minimum screen size of 7 inches (minimum usable resolution of 1024 x 600) 
  • Running iOS9.0+, or Android 5.0+, or Windows 8.1/10
  • Battery life of 5-6 hours
  • Wireless Capability
  • Minimum storage for tablets of 32GB (due to the increasing size of apps)
  • Google Chrome installed (Google Cloud Print is used for printing from student devices)
  • Protective case is strongly recommended
  • Bluetooth keyboard or keyboard/tablet case combination is recommended

Please be aware that these minimum specs could change during the year as the apps we use are updated (for example Mathletics minimum specs were updated in May 2016).

We recommend buying a device that is or can be updated to the latest operating system as this will give the device a longer life.

Updated February 2017

The following information is published with permission from the magazine, Interface. We have a subscription to Interface with copies being available at both campuses for teachers and at both libraries for students. Much of the content is online at 

Search for  ‘BYOD’ on the Interface website to find out about other schools and BYOD. 

(article published 2015)

Blocking Unwanted Text and Facebook Messages

If you are recieving unwanted txt messages then this link might help you resolve the problem

Go to Website help for blocking sender

If your are having facebook issues with someone

Blocking someone on facebbok