Year 9 and 10 Production

The Lion King Junior




Rafiki Kate Hatley

Mufasa Wilson Ludlow

Sarabi Tea Rooney

Zazu Rachel Boniface

Scar Matthew Hackett

Young Simba Ella Dougherty

Young Nala Charlotte Emmerson-Love

Simba Logan Dennis

Nala Brianna Hartley

Sarafina Darcy Herrick

Shenzi Ashleigh McIntosh

Banzai Antonia Gavin

Ed Cassie Gray

Timon Caleb Brown

Pumbaa Damon Karika-Smith

Lionesses/Backing Vocals Julia Kyte, Kate Johnstone,

Samaria Anaru-Hill, Tessa Wells,

Emily Knowler, Emily Williamson

Ensemble/Backing Vocals Ella Jones, Janelle Tinker,

Samantha Faherty, Samantha Keen,

Ella Duffy, Ashanti Thwaites,

Tess Ruwhiu, Ishika Boon, Maddi Doherty,

Rachel Checketts,

Ruby Borland-Fraser, Takunda Rusike,

Gemma McAllister, Jessica Glover,

Emily Bray, Darren Jayawardhane,

Katie Heads


Production Personnel

Director Ms Jo Buist

Assisted by Ms Phillie Holmes

Musical Director Mrs Lesley Little

Ensemble Vocals Mr Michael Forde

Choreographer Mrs Lesley Little

Stage Managers Ms Jo Buist, Mr David Pottinger

Assisted by Tom Stewart, Brian Grigg,

Alex Webb, Nepia Ruwhiu,

Amelia McEwen

Sound and Lighting Hendrix and team – TBC

Prompt Grace Howley

Set Mr David Pottinger, Mr Al Pannett

Headpieces/Masks Mr David Pottinger, Sandi@Design 62

Assisted by Grace Howley and the host of

cast members and others who wielded

scissors, glue guns and paint brushes

Wardrobe Mrs Marion Elder, Mrs Pat Foster,

Mrs Barbara Riley

Properties Mrs Laurel Swan

Make-up Mrs Sharon Scobie, Dayna Hogan,

Alisha Gerken, Emma Hale,

Kerri-Anne Birch

Photography Mr Al Pannett

Programme Mrs Lesley McDonald, Ms Jo Buist

Ticket Sales Mrs Helen Dempsey, Mrs Tricia France,

Ms Jo Buist

Front of House Ms Tanya Haywood and Rugby,

Mrs Rachael Blyth and ARK

Cast Party Mrs Nadia Rose




It was with great pleasure and pride that we brought The Lion King to life as our Year 9 and 10 Musical at the end of Term One. All musicals bring their challenges and this show was no exception. We were only the third school in New Zealand to perform this show, and the first in the South Island. This myt well be because of its challenges. However, no musical score can beat the formidable talents of Mrs Lesley Little who is also more than a match foer any choreography. This year she was ably assisted by Mr Michael Forde who whipped the vocal abilities of the very important ensemble into shape. We were blessed with a talented and dedicated cast who worked hard and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the show. The well-known and loved music was in excellent hands. The deceptively simple costumes were the product of an amazing wardrobe team, and the coup de grace was the clever design and production of masks and headpieces which would have done any production of this show proud. Audiences loved it and came in unprecedented numbers. We may not have been Broadway but we were the next best thing.


Jo Buist

Hairspray Jnr

Year 9 and 10 Production

Year 9 and 10 Production

The cast of Hairspray celebrate the success of the 2016 Year 9 and 10 production which played to large and appreciative audiences.

A great time was had by all.