Welcome to James Hargest Physics

Physics is useful for gaining an understanding of the physical world of atoms, motion and energy and  this all fits with the world around us. This year Physics classes have been burning up the schools rubbish with mirrors and using giant slingshots with fruit to investigate projectile motion. Students swinging rubber bungs around their heads bring forth images of cowboys twirling ropes.

Year 12 Physics

Students in Year 12 have a comprehensive series of practical activities throughout the year that determine part of the 9 Internal Credits of their NCEA assessment. Students begin with an introduction to the atom and atomic energy, radiation and nuclear energy. With the Department recently purchasing a Geiger counter, students will be able to detect radiation in various parts of the school. Waves and Light , Electricity and Mechanics follow to give students a broad taste of Physics in our World.

Year 13 Physics

In Year 13, students begin to look at nuclear physics and Einstein's   e=mc2, opening up a world of quantum behaviour and questions on the wave/particle duality of light. AC electricity is a new topic, as is rotational mechanics.  Sound and Doppler round out a year spent investigating many new aspects of the world around us.


Scholarship tutorials begin in the second term.