Mystery at Moor Manor

It is with great pleasure that we present the Years 9, 10 and 11 play, Mystery at Moor Manor, written by our resident playwright, David Pottinger.  I included the year 11s this year since they were very disappointed when they missed out on doing the play as year 10s last year due the tricky times.  The cast have enjoyed bringing the rather quirky characters to life and after the brief Interval many secrets will be revealed. 



Charlie Webb                      Tommy Beresford

Jessika Butson                   Tuppence Beresford

Lydia Blomfield                   Lady Watford

Neve Waddell                     Alice

Liam Devery                        Colonel Beecham

Melanie Hart                        Lady Cross

Jadine Jansenn                  Claudette

Caleb Devery                      Harry Carson

Jason Robinson                 Sarah Carson

Caitlin Whitaker                  Basil Bottomley

Madison Neylon                 Clara Bottomley

Sophie Kelsall                     Lily Langford

Claire Best                           Mrs Parker

Jess Ballantyne                  Mrs Ramsay

Merrin McEwen                  Gladys

Solmae Dablio                    Myra Snout    

Tess McLeod                       Lyndley Snout

Tom Butson                        Mr Crudd

Jasmine Marshall               Christine Snout

Once Upon a Time in the West




Stranger Tom Stewart

Rory Westwood Logan Dennis

Rose Makepeace Ella Dougherty

Agatha Makepeace Antonia Gavin

Jessiah Rumpson Wilson Ludlow

Pickit and Scratchit Ruby Borland-Fraser, Gemma McAllister

Sheriff Matthew Hackett

Deputy Carter McLeod

Destiny Chance Charlotte Emmerson-Love

Prudence Prim Darcy Herrick

Shades O’Grey Matthew Jeffrey

Pablo Garcia Caleb Brown

Chief Talking Bull Damon Karika-Smith

Dancing Chancettes Rachel Checketts

Kate Loan

Anais Maclennan


Riley Watkins

Cassie Gray

Ashika Boon

Kate Johnstone

Carlos Gin

Darren Jayawardhane

Alec Watson

Makenzie Fallow

Jeromy Tiatia



Production Personnel


Directors Ms Jo Buist, Tom Stewart

Stage Manager Brian Grigg

Assisted by Mr David Pottinger, Alex Webb

Sound and Lighting Liam Barnes, Hamish Dudley, Chris Hyde, Jade Johnson

Prompt Grace Howley

Set Mr David Pottinger, Mr Geoff Stewart,

Tom Stewart

Art Mr Malcolm McDonald,

Mr David Pottinger,

Breanna Rawlinson, Laura Gunther,

Lola Goomes

Properties Mr David Pottinger, Grace Howley,

Christina Grumball

Wardrobe Ms Jo Buist, Dorothy Hart-Brown and the ladies at Invercargill Repertory Costume Hire

Make-up Dayna Hogan, Alisha Gherkin,

Lydia Stephenson-Preston

Photography Georgia Folster, Caitlin Watt

Programme Mrs Lesley McDonald, Ms Jo Buist

Ticket Sales Mrs Helen Dempsey, Mrs Tricia France,

John Bardwell, Lili Shepherd

Front of House John Bardwell, Lili Shepherd

Cast Supper Mrs Nadia Rose



Once Upon a Time in the West

Year 9 and 10 Play


Director’s Message


In the 1960s and 70s the most popular type of programme on television was the western. Hundreds of them were aired from Rawhide to Bonanza. They featured a range of characters like cowboys and Indians (Native Americans), farmers and ranchers and, of course, Mexicans. Many famous actors such as John Wayne and Clint Eastwood had their start in westerns or “horse operas” as they were called.

If you couple this well-liked genre with the classic theatre form, melodrama, then you have a timeless mix that any generation can relate to. The evil villain, the beautiful heroine and her cantankerous mother, are wonderful parts for young actors to play.

The cast were a marvellous group to work with and they never ceased to both amaze and infuriate me. They rose to the occasion with aplomb and had the audience in stitches. I would like to especially thank the Year 11 students who eagerly stepped up to fill out the numbers and other senior students who contributed in a myriad of ways behind the scenes, with a special mention to Tom Stewart as both co-director and leading actor. And, of course, a huge thank you to playwright extraordinaire, David Pottinger, who also built the set and provided (and mended) many guns.