Junior Campus Production

High School Musical




With a variety of well-known characters like: Annie, Fagan, Artful Dodger and Eliza, our Junior Campus Production of ‘Olivia’ made for a very entertaining show. On week five of the term we had a Wednesday and Thursday night performance that involved around 60 Year 7 and 8 students (along with one Year 9 student playing ‘The Fat Lady’). The team all worked hard under the direction of Sue Donkin, practicing during holidays as well as the weeks preceding opening night. The talent of many students shone through with some memorable character performances and accomplished singers on the stage. We appreciate the time, energy and skill invested by the team involved. It was very much a combined effort with students, staff and whanau working together resulting in a very successful Stage Production of ‘Olivia’

Hargest Factor Show


In week five of term two, over 120 Junior Campus students were involved in the Hargest Factor Show. Many of these students had been involved in the audition process which had taken place at lunchtime over the first two weeks of the term. A variety of acts were presented to the enthusiastic crowd during the lunch hour; from vocal performances through to instrumental, dance and comedy routines. All of the students had practiced hard, hoping to be selected for our Hargest Factor variety concert which show-cased the talents of our Junior Campus pupils. The audience was entertained with a wide range of engaging performances and it was evident that we have a variety of very talented students in our ranks. We had several team performances from our Kapa Haka group, the JRock students, the Junior Choir, Ukulele group and even some guest performances by some of the Year 7 and Year 8 teachers. It was wonderful to see so many students getting the opportunity to share their skills and talents with us. The Wednesday and Thursday programme line up varied over the two nights. Both evenings were enjoyed by the many proud whanau members and friends supporting as part of the audience. Overall, another successful cultural event led by our James Hargest students.