Peak to Peak Multisport Race

Peak to Peak 

Multisport Race

Remarkables Ski Field to Coronet Peak

What a view to the finish line and what a day for an adventure race!
Two JHC teams line up with a large number of other competitors for this epic race.

Sam Faherty and Ben Wylie make their way to the top of Shadow Basin. From there, they "run" to their skis and race down the mountain, over snow, grass and rock to the MTB transition. 
Ben Wylie finishes just ahead Sam Faherty to seed Daniel Strang rocketing down the mountain pursued closely by Liam Cruickshank. It’s a fast crazy decent with some very close calls of falling off the edge! 
At Frankton Beach Libby Flett and Halle Faherty await their arrival and Libby gets a narrow head start over Halle on what must be the toughest stage (7kms to Queenstown beach). Libby hands over to Nathan Scott for the 9km run and Halle hands over to Brendan Eyles just 70 secs behind. Brennan catches Nathan and powers on to give Ronan Shearing the lead into the final stage at the base of Coronet peak. Not far behind big brother Conor Shearing sets off at a sprint to catch Ronan and soon passes him to lead the Snr team to a win.

Overall results:

Team -  Ben Wylie, Daniel Strang. Libby Flett, Nathan Scott and Conor Shearing  3rd

Team-  Sam Faherty, Liam Cruickshank, Halle Faherty, Brendan Eyles and Ronan Shearing 5th


JHC senior team 1st

JHC junior team 1st junior 2nd school team. 

Queenstown put on a beautiful day for the JHC Jnr and Snr teams competing in the Peak to Peak challenge yesterday. Charly Faherty (w Jim Faherty) and Ben Wylie gave their teams a head start when they ran 500m to their skis and barrelled down the 2km ski course ahead of many of the adults. Liam Cruickshank (w Nathan Cruickshank) and Daniel Strang mtn biked 17kms downhill with Liam only touching his brakes when his Dad made him after seeing some horrendous crashes. Quick change of gear for Nathan Cruickshank to accompany the amazing Halle Faherty for the 7km kayak leg and try to catch Nathan Scott in the senior team, who had just learned to kayak that morning! The more experienced Halle finished on the beach and ran to handover with Brennan Rhodes. Nathan Scott meanwhile decided to have a swim rather than risk damaging the boat on the rocks getting to shore (😂 that's our story anyway) and stop for pie running around the scenic gardens looking to handover to Finn Rogers. Headband Finn had a hard job ahead to catch Brennan Rhodes on the 9km run. Lightning fast Brennan bolted passed everyone he could see and handed over to Ronan Shearing (w Steven John Rhodes) for the 9km road cycle up to Coronet Peak ski field. The Jnr team had too much of a lead at that stage for Conor Shearing to catch them. JHC Jnr first in Jnr Schools Division. JHC Snr second in Schools teams. Not a bad result for a first attempt from both teams. What an amazing day to watch 13y olds being able to compete in an adventure race and the 15/16y olds positive/ can do attitude. Also big thanks to the support parents sharing their skills with the kids and being there every step of the way.